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We are a consulting firm whose mission is to bring value to the market place. We believe that value is in the eye of the customer. So instead of force-feeding the market, we find out what the market deems as valuable through research and then we provide that with meticulous execution. We are a customer focused consulting firm.

Our Vision : To be the leading provider of innovative consulting products and services in Botswana and the SADC region by 2020

Our Values: Customer Focus, Integrity, Excellence, Collaboration, Passion, Accountability

Incorporated in The Republic of Botswana: CO2015/15830
Tax Clearance Certificate Number: C35169601019
Ownership: 100% Botswana citizen owned
Bank Details: Banc ABC, Game City Branch, Account Number: 1931632560701
BQA Accredited, Reference No: BQA 7/3/5/TI0684I(2)

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